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Diamond Logistics

We provide a full range of quality logistic services.

DLX. Making every
day better!

From essential services to
earning opportunities. We’re an all-in-one platform.


Grow your business with DLX

Our mission is to drive Pakistan forward by creating economic empowerment for everyone.

Everywhere, cities are getting more congested. People get by with limited public infrastructure. Accessing basic needs like groceries and meals is time-consuming. Options are limited to what’s nearby, instead of what they want. Through our superapp, we are able to provide consumers with easy access to quality everyday goods and services.


DLX started with the simple mission of making safe and comfortable rides accessible for everyone. Today, we have grown into a household name preferred by everyday consumers in Pakistan.

Every day, millions of consumers turn on their DlX Market app looking to ease their everyday life—a perfect opportunity for DLX merchant-partners to serve them.
Our merchant-partners range from street-side hawkers to National brands. As a super app, we not only provide them with access to a large engaged consumer base, but also equip them with the technology they need to grow their business.

Why choose us

10+ years on the market, 1000+ employers, high quality standards, modern equipment.